Framing Ideas

My favorite surfaces to paint on are cradled wood panels and flat hardboard panels so I thought I would share some ideas on how to frame this type of artwork.

Many framing companies make what are called "floater frames" (or "tray frames" in the UK). Here's a video by Ampersand that demonstrates how these frames can be used with cradled and flat panels.


This video demonstrates how to mount flat panels in a floater frame. I would recommend using this method not just for flat panels but also for cradled panels that have a thin profile (such as the ones I use that are 3/8 inch deep). Using screws to mount thin panels may cause the wood to split or worse, the screws could come through the surface of the artwork. This video also shows how the panel can later be removed from the frame if necessary.

A Few Options

Below is a list of brands and retailers that offer floater frames:

Ampersand (Blick)

Ampersand (Jerry's Artarama)

Illusions Floater Frames

Cardinali Floater Frames

On a Shelf


I display some paintings on a floating shelf like this one made by Command that doesn't even require hardware! Command Picture Ledge




Directly on the Wall

Thinking Inside the Box

Fellow painter, Chris Long, recently shared a brilliant framing solution from one of his collectors (see image).


The collector glued the painting to an acrylic tray from The Container Store, enabling the painting to be displayed on a shelf or table.

This led me to think of other possibilities like using a shallow wood tray or drawer organizer in the same way but with hanging hardware on the back so it can be hung on the wall.




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