New Series: Cups & Glasses

This series was inspired by a daily painting project I started earlier in 2019. You can view the gallery here.

Every day, for more than 100 days, I painted my cup of coffee. Well, that was how it began anyway.

Rachel Petruccillo-Art Studio - Daily Painting Series - First 30 Days
First 30 Days of Daily Coffee Paintings

After the first 30 paintings, I permitted myself to include cups of tea, glasses of water or wine, etc. Some of these were small breakfast scenes incorporating my plate of biscuits, the jar of jam or perhaps a box of cereal.

I started the series to establish a daily practice and also to explore color, composition, style and technique.

Each small painting became a document of my daily routine or sometimes the exceptions to that routine if I was traveling or out for the afternoon.

Through this project, I discovered the pleasure of painting a subject again and again. I challenged myself to use different color palettes and to vary the composition each day.

Most of the paintings feature the little white mug I poured my coffee into every day. I looked forward to my daily painting as much as I looked forward to that first cup of coffee.

I also discovered that I am a person who enjoys routine.

The paintings in this series were more in depth explorations of this subject, inspired by some of the daily studies.

Red Tea with Jam, acrylic on cradled gesso panel, 4x6 inches

These are acrylic paintings which unless specified, are painted on cradled panels made from wood or gesso board. The cradled aspect (as seen in the photos), means that the panels are mounted on a wood frame which enables the paintings to be hung without requiring a decorative frame. They also look nice sitting on a shelf. A decorative frame is of course still in option, in which case, I would recommend a "floating frame".


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